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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2011 3:01pm-3:31pm EST

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the a very warm welcome to you this is our life from moscow russia nato to look into reports of widespread civilian deaths in libya caused by the military alliances seven month long bombing campaign where the claims filed by rights groups contradict nato's assertion that twenty six thousand of its airstrikes did not cause any civilian casualties and the killing hasn't ended just because gadhafi is dead and gone former rebels continue to take their exile home supporters of the toppled regime i may find some of the images of example of his report to stop. this is what it's like to look down in the face a group of man the young and old captured after the nadir propped rebels overran get off his hometown of sirte there was behind a camera delivers
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a verdict the minute you work for gadhafi. the and the captives themselves seem dad certain about what's coming next. and it seems like these play now is a costly be as the rebels assisted by western powers to liberate the country from gadhafi arbonne lodgings about he said district tendencies grow more and more outlandish by the day and that seems to justify any sort of treatment for his perceived loyalists in some places the violence is quite bad the town we looked out in was called. and the militias from the neighboring town of misrata are terrorizing the people of to where they accuse them of having fought for qaddafi of having committed atrocities. in his name this is one of the liberated tripoli's new landmarks a prison where moammar gadhafi was set to hold his political opponents with no
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access to lawyers and no chance for a fair trial. but while the prisons new guards have very elaborate in a rating ferocity is here in hatred still reside in this neighborhood. obviously is a poor area in southern tripoli where more margot duffy had strong support base prior to his fleeing the district also and as to the tourists present a scene of torture and arbitrary killings but while gadhafi is gone the human rights abuses still remain rather from this area still disappearing without a trace their families are too scared to talk about that. this is probably the only place in all the beer with families of a legit good office supporters can turn to for how mohammed born peace and your earlier this year are to investigate the fate of those who disappeared in good office prisons he is now primarily dealing with people who went missing under
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libya's new leadership it's usually mothers who come here and at first they are scared to tell me that this son or husband was with the gadhafi forces they usually say he was a civilian court in the crossfire but i tell them that i don't care which side he was on all i need is accurate information so that we can start searching. mohamed and his friends have been taking photos of unidentified bodies that have been popping up across leadbetter in recent months this naturists are probably the relatives the most realistic hope of finding closure but even after sifting through them many managed to retain hope like this man whose brother disappeared on the front lines of banjo. i hope he's in tunisia maybe his in hospital maybe he's lost his memory or has no way of contacting us. they say hold dies last and leave it's still alive even if many people aren't. artsy tripoli.
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now the iraqi prime minister has told kurdish authorities to hand over his rival the country's sunni vice president who is wanted over allegations that he's been running a hit squad where it all began just a day after the last u.s. troops left the country to the peace of the challenges of fabricators al accuse the pm of cracking down on competition in order to tighten his grip on power while the content just starts to a free iraq has already raised concern u.s. senator john mccain even call for the return of american forces to iraq experts fear is likely to ignite fresh sectarian tensions between shia and sunni in this themselves are discussed of nora. now joined by robert naiman who's the policy director just of foreign of police think tank many thanks for joining us here on r.t. mr naman now it's been three days since u.s. troops withdrew anorak is already seemingly close that is that terror and violence that has been in years all thoughts. well first of all there's
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a sectarian conflict but there hasn't been a. spike in violence secondly if it was the case that these political forces in iraq who are simply waiting who are the us to draw in order to settle political scores then that's no argument against the us withdrawal in less than this is probably senator mccain's view here idea was that u.s. troops should stay forever whether it's oppose the u.s. troops there for another twelve months and then the end of the twelve months we have the events that are unfolding you know so what was accomplished you just didn't do you made the inevitable so it's no argument unless you really think that you know there is something more that the u.s. troops could have accomplished that would have changed the political situation from what we see today and there's no evidence that that's the case well in every sense
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also called that you wrote you argued that on accountability is a major factor in america's failure to stay on in iraq do you stand by that well i was simply referring to the reporting in the new york times in the washington post last week so this is my claim these are the two main newspapers in the united states that call these events and are considered kind of the official record here and they stated to me point blank that the key reason there the pentagon can stay in iraq was the fact that the bad guy killed too many iraqi civilians and no one was there are held accountable in both papers gave this symbolic example of this massacre and he did that in two thousand and five but both pointed out that this is simply example of something that happened all over the country again i think this point to the absurdity of senator mccain's apparent
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belief that there's something magical. about u.s. military forces. who can make the assault political problems with the events that we see in iraq today or a political brawl. how are u.s. military troops a solution to. robert naiman the policy director of the just foreign policy think tank many thanks. now a russian soyuz spacecraft carrying a three if you check into national space station crew bevis is the last into space and is in near orbit the soyuz stuff that of new developed digit equipment is expected to reach the i asked on friday off he said he said now he was unlucky witness the don't. lie is rocket just about to blast off here from baikonur cosmodrome in the conflicts and let's take a look at this site. absolutely
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credible there will reach the top speed of one point five meters per second and i will have the rocket in orbit it was the ninety minutes from blast off that we just saw on board are three spacemen including russian cosmonauts are big and young go along with an american astronaut and european astronaut from holland and they will be onboard the international space station for some six months of course that means they will be spending christmas and new year's there for some of them it's not the first time they'll be spending the holidays there we had a chance to speak to them just before takeoff and what they said word was yes we'll have some kind of celebration of their commander will certainly have the christmas hats ready and we will take part in some kind of celebration a really do you have
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a lot of work to do what they'll be doing there is conducting several of some thirty six or so experiments there and also be doing engineering research one of the experiments which is considered the most important in terms of research that's going on at the international space station is actually trying to find life forms on the outer surface of the i assess of course this is the own. only way now to reach to have crews reached i assess through the site used space program because the u.s. nasa i should say of course grounded their shuttle missions to the i.a.s. so it's seen. although this is the last mission to the i.s.o.'s for two thousand and eleven we're hearing that will be several more missions in twenty twelve and now it's the only way to continue this very international what all space many say is a very important program for the international space community reporting from baikonur cosmodrome now way for archie now russia's six state team of the lower house of parliament has held its first session after recent elections after heated debates
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that again from the ruling united russia party was chosen as the fourteen out of twenty nine conventions in the duma are now on the opposition control a result of united russia failing to win enough seats to obtain a two thirds constitutional majority opposition members have gathered in front of duma four and on the side of protest following the demonstrations. a day after the poll took place two weeks ago tens of thousands gathered at moscow's promote mile square voicing dissatisfaction with the poll results and calling for the duma elections to be held again. all twenty eleven has been a year of downs for the space exploration industry daring projects that consistently made it into the headlines but there was much more that didn't he said all of it reveals.
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one of the biggest landmarks the resort this year was the fiftieth anniversary of eureka guarin first space flight just before one of the nasa astronauts went up there i was having to chat with him about what it actually meant that have that first flight by you could daryn fifty years ago and he was saying really it changed us as a species we stopped being limited to our own planet we were able to go out and explore further of course a few years after guarin first month set foot on the moon. of mars five hundred project which came to an end this year was really something quite exciting it was great to be able to go in and have a look at it where they were when i'd seen it on television i was thinking wow this is six guys in a shed and then when i actually went to where the the mocked up spacecraft was i realized it was six guys in a very very small shed for five hundred twenty days i mean doing them a bit of
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a disservice saying that they're in a show in a shed but when you see the pictures of the wood paneling and everything very small confined space that they were in for such a long time one year into their voyage the mars five hundred team currently simulating never to journey to earth however it will be another five months before this store can be opened and they can step back into normality it was nice on the day i remember the day when they came out. the look on their faces when the door opened the look on the very very pale faces of course you have to realize these guys hadn't seen sunlight for such a long time. they were ecstatic to have come out of there. and it really was i mean whether scientifically it ends up being the building block or the the first step towards the first step i think it was referred to by the organizers towards going to mars and trying to send people to the red planet for real.
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well looking back on twenty eleven one of the things that really stand out is the crash of that progress module now it wasn't just the module itself they've been using those since the late seventy's it was the fact that this was carried on a soyuz rocket now the soyuz rocket is the only way we have now getting people into space. the progress module that was launched at the end of august was carrying valuable food and supplies for the international space station at the time we were hearing from and from the guys on the space station who that those food and supplies had been for saying no this is fine it's ok i remember saying in my reports look these guys go through extensive cosmonaut training that they know what they're doing they'll be fine. volkov who is actually the mission commander who is up there when he returned from his time in space he was telling me that yeah they were genuinely a little bit worried they were generally scared at times they were going to run out of food they didn't know if they were going to be able to be brought back down to
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earth before that ran out in the beginning of twenty twelve pressures that these people put themselves through evidence thankfully that these failures that we've seen today seen this year these failures that we've seen this year didn't result in . any major problems on months spaceflight that's always the big concern but. it has shown the perseverance of these people who do risk their lives going into space on a well as a job they do it without a choice. sound was just the first of all special series waiting you every day until the chimes ring twelve on the some of the thirty first so be sure not to miss the rest otherwise you can always catch up on our website r.t. dot com. activists in syria say the country has seen some of its fiercest fighting since on rest began with a the two hundred people killed since monday the biggest number of casualties was
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reported in the syrian northwestern province of live by government forces and legibly used to heavy ammunition against anti regime fighters that's ahead of the arrival of an arab league advance team which is going to prepare for a monitoring mission in the country and our first reports there are hopes the observers can present a clear picture of what's really going on in syria. and advance teams from the arab league is expected to arrive in the country tomorrow but the head of the observer mission that's expected to hit at the end of the month and of course that mission can't come that moment too soon really as both sides of the conflict the council and the death toll rising all the time in the city of homs the other day that the main opposition city where we see so much of the fighting breaking out was he with certain parts of the city where the fighting is much more concentrated and we went to travel to the east coast this is the key dangers but even the cars we were
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visiting when they were struggling on you could hear the sounds of heavy gunfire breaking out across the city the government of course and still maintaining that there is fighting and armed militant movement in the opposition saying that the government has been operating a crackdown policy on the protesters that i spoke to the foreign ministry spokesman the other day he was saying that what's needed now the house like countries is known to be adding fuel to this fire and again he called it a dialogue to be pushed in the situation if the outside world maybe. country regional country was to the world wants to help syria get out of the crisis what we need is to help and provide good offices to push the opposition who seeing north to the you know to say yesterday and we're going to come around one people to discuss everything but are not there because in our in our discussion we are not afraid of democracy now here in the capital damascus it is really sheltered from the conflict
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here. besides the economic sanctions that were imposed on the country by the arab league. and this is. these are. the issues is that the today's sanctions. how it was around the city and they were calling for the sanctions would put in place have now become much more frequent and. longer as well. now washington has once again a harsh criticism out the syrian regime warning of a new international measures unless it would draw security forces from the streets so let's talk more on the south coast line to new york or to china and why based author analyst to a vote column jet many thousands begin to us here on our now the u.s. as i've been saying has said that the international community will take additional
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steps to pressure the assad regime to stop its crackdown what kind of steps do you think will follow. well the u.s. government the obama administration has been very clear that they are calling for bashar al assad to resign to step down in fact for there to be regime change in the country they're not looking for some way to negotiate a solution to the conflict that's that's going on in the country they're looking for a way really to to force out of power but what the u.s. can do is what they've done in the case of other countries i mean they can intensify economic sanctions against syria they can continue in the campaign to try to garner support for some kind of military aggression towards syria but they will continue to do what they have been doing which is providing arms to those militant groups inside syria that are engaging in this kind of struggle this this fight
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against the syrian government and i think that that's probably the number one thing the u.s. will continue to do is to provide funding and arms to groups inside syria to continue to follow men on rest and try to overthrow the assad regime. a tense moment the u.s. . is saying quote credible reports that the acid regime continues to indiscriminately kill schools the civilians and defect also insisting quote the way. to bring about changes of bashar al assad to leave power will all of syria's problems disappear once president assad has left the scene or is that just the first step. well i don't personally think it's any step at all and i think that the us is out of place calling for any other government to to step down in the us is acting as though it's some kind of world emperor that orders governments in and then orders them out. i think that the assad government has been
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very clear that it wants to resolve the internal conflict it's been working from day one that these protests began to negotiate a solution to implement reforms that president bashar assad has been very clear that there will be reforms in the country that one of the main problems inhibiting those reforms are impeding them has been the uprising of armed civilian militants who are fighting against government forces and that's what's caused so many of these casualties that have been taking place so many of the the deaths that have occurred over the past several months so i think that the really the solution is not whether or not bashar al assad should be president of syria it's whether or not syria can be left at peace from outside influence that's that's egging on the conflict so that it can resolve internally and in a sovereign way its own problems i'm afraid we're going to move. on that's david thank you. a long time prognosis on the future of. the
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current. head of the french. coming up next here on. the real thank you very much for being with us today it's a pleasure sir so you had one of europe's think tanks i was wondering in terms of
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what do you promote and is there such thing as european approach for example there's an american approach there's a question approach is there such thing as a european approach not truly in policy terms because we know europe is not yet. specially for foreign policy i think it will take a few decades before europe is able to be the single voice in international international affairs nevertheless i think there is a so to the sensibility you know or sensitivity about international affairs europe is much closer to. the united states perhaps we are a little bit more realistic but do you see russia as part of europe yes of course russia of europe but it's not part of the european union you know i was reading the economist couple of years ago and they were making predictions on how the world would be in trouble and one of the predictions was that russia will be. european
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union. you know when i first of all. russia is much too big you know and i think that. europe has unloved a lot in since the collapse of the soviet union twenty years ago and we have not digested the new comers and don't forget that we have a huge controversy about turkey just cannot imagine the candidacy of russia. in a time when we are still struggling and debating a bangle selves about turkey so i think i'm not saying that russia will never be the european union you know my own vision is that in one hundred years from that well to transfer just from now the european union will have extended to the whole planet actually because i think we are the seeds of a new model of world governance so the european union is a very serious thing but if you tell me in ten years that that is not the slightest
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chance for russia to join so surprised to hear that they are in for many people now that are the. basis for your plan very well specially with doing so badly you really think such a strong foundation that we can last and actually expand. again i'm talking long very long term horizon for one simple reason you know globalization means more and more interdependence with more and more interdependence the risk of a small incidence of accidents have a huge consequence is all over the world this risk is increasing very fast which means that we will have to invent totally new modes of governance and this is exactly what we are experimenting. european union level of course. but
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progress is difficult of course in the case of the you will we know at the very defining moment. my guess by the way for the euro is that we will come out of this stronger not weaker because we will be forced you know to invent into the new devices and the new instruments of governance to avoid the repetition of such crises and but but there is no alternative for europe is supposed europe. suppose you have destroys itself itself it could happen of course but it would be a catastrophe or a single member of the european union it would be catastrophic for probably world so my point is that of course the basis of realty really shaky but it is the most interesting model in politics that has been invented in the last since world war two. and i repeat i think it will be
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a model for the whole world financial for example right now america regardless of the crisis is considered to be a hedge and i continue to be number one how do you think it will be in ten years when you're talking about the new cut cap and governance of the world first of all i think that the us is no longer the hague i'm on and that it's the beginning of the end and we may very well be at this stage comparable to let's say the great britain at the end of the century. talk about seventy or eighty years for the u.k. to lose entirely its predominance and i think we have a more or less similar evolution with the us now what are your predictions for russia because i know you've been travelling to this country since ninety seven think that what they have done over the last twenty years is quite remarkable remarkable. but of all the huge difficulties of transition after the collapse of
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the soviet union i think that most of westerners and his teammate who do not recognize him after. the kind of a nightmare you know that the collapse of the soviet union with all its institutions its economy and so forth and so on was so i think what has been achieved is quite remarkable i think this country will gradually evolve in. the way in in a more liberal way but all this will take time thank you very much for this interview.
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this was the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution or the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spreading. more than hundred thousand people. walking in affected children see the children to be ten times more likely to be born with birth defects in children in the rest of the country. in the sea as little as five hundred dollars for lifelong. unpunished.
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twenty six thousand. casualties a wage increase and the. bench of the one is a new one just as you can. get out and. the patience. when you sectarian violence threatens iraqis are called leaders throw out all the stops and vie for power following america's withdrawal from the rule to the country.


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